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I realise that not everyone will enjoy all the articles I write, so any specialized blog entries will go under their own subject matter - Below is the latest entry that I have written.

LOBAG (Land of Blood and Gold)

At the moment I am creating a game called 'Land of Blood and Gold'.  It is a Dungeons and Dragons inspired game.  As I create it there becomes times when I create concepts that I haven't seen in other games (they probably have been done elsewhere, I just haven't played EVERY game out there).


I notice in a lot of games that when your character changes Class you cannot use your old Class until you are more experianced in your new Class; for example we'll use Krog the Magic user, Krog gets to 4th level and decides that he is too stupid to be a magic user, so he wants to become a fighter - but when he becomes a fighter he now cannot use any magic until he is level 4 (I have seen rules that he must be level 5), my question is simply, why?
In one of the Dungeons & Dragons rules the reasoning was that the new character needed to concentrate on their new Class, and if they used skills from their old class then that would negate all their learning in their new class; when I was ten years old I accepted this, but now that I'm older (a LOT older) I can't accept this.  Through life I have had several jobs in different professions - and I still know all the skills that I have learnt.  For example, I was a Plumber for 6 months and I have used this knowledge again and again in real life, there has never been a situation where I have decided not to do a job because "I'm not a plumber".

My rules will state that you can use all the skills that you have learnt during your career, you just can't learn any new skills from your old Class, so if you were once a Ninja and learnt stealth then you are welcome to use stealth any time!

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