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Free advice for Web Designing

(Why is this for free? Cause I wish someone had told me this when I first started on the web) No web master can guarantee you a number 1 ranking on any search engine unless he/she owns it. NO ifs, buts, whatever’s or anything – it CAN’T be done. Especially YAHOO or GOOGLE!! No service provider or server provider can guarantee you 100% up time or on line time, it is a fact of life that things will go wrong with the Internet. The best site in the world means nothing if people can’t navigate around it. Web designers may impress you with their fancy graphics but don’t forget they can take a looong time to download, 83% people don’t wait more than 30 seconds for a page unless there is a specific reason. I personally won’t go to another site to get a ‘plug in’ just to view your site, and I know a lot of other people who won’t either. By the way, If you are going to have Java on your site then MAKE SURE IT WORKS. Some people go around with their graphics turned off, make sure your site can be navigated without graphics. My brother browses the Internet with graphics, video and sound off. If you are going to hire a web designer then ask to see what sites they have done. You would be surprised how many won’t give you a single URL. Remember that a web designer is a professional offering you their services, just like a Doctor or a Lawyer. No credit card number has EVER been lifted from a secure server. The only credit cards lifted have been from unsecured servers. Use your credit card the same way that you use it in the shops, carefully. NOBODY has ever got rich overnight on the net, no multi marketing scheme, no pyramid scheme, no ‘sending everyone $5’ scheme has ever got any one rich quickly. The people and companies that get wealthy are the ones that have been on the net for a while. DON’T SPAM I can’t stress this point enough. At best you will be pinged (other users sending you MILLIONS of e-mails which will crash your system as well as your providers, the provider will then sue you for damages), at worst you can receive debt collectors (charges of having to receive your e-mail) from other users, and, yes, in most countries you do have to pay. The reason that human beings became more ‘advanced’ than animals was because of our ability to communicate, let’s keep this advantage by using our SPELL CHECKER’S. It only takes one click of a button in most applications to check your spelling, especially e-mail. A web site with a spelling mistake puts it into the ‘Home Made’ category which is worse than being called ‘Amateur’.